Vacation Photos – the Naked Truth and My Top Tips

Bright rays of sunlight reflected in beer/Mai Tais/wine, children squeaking with joy, sandcastles, and beaming parents. Our holiday photos could make people jealous (and they do, based on the regular feedback from back in our foggy home country).

The loveliest vacation photos - and how it really was.

All that’s missing s a video sequence showing our tanned, picture-book family dressed in white, skipping through the surf, holding hands with our angelic children as they stare in wonder at the sunset.

But don’t forget: Travelling is stressful – alone, as a pair or in a group. The rewarding feeling of having discovered another yet another corner of the earth is one you have to earn. We travel regularly with our kids, on long trips through L.A. and Hawaii , often here in Switzerland and sometimes even in the Maldives. We always have a wonderful time, but that’s not the whole picture.

Between you and me: it’s tougher than I expected.

The photos that we send back home have about as much to do with reality as the selection of carrots at a gourmet grocery store like Globus have to do with the actual harvest. We don’t usually snap a photo when our little boy is standing between the deck chairs with clenched fists, screaming louder than an NYPD siren because he DOES NOT WANT TO PUT ON HIS SWIMMING TRUNKS!!! We also don’t have our hands free to capture the moment when, during dinner at a restaurant, our daughter decides to use mom or dad as a mobile climbing frame (or bouncy castle) and kicks away the high chair in disgust. There are no photos of us parents getting into a tiff because one of us has mislaid the last pacifier that our child would actually accept.

Vacation photos and the naked truth -
The name is Zen, Jan-Zen.

The good thing about this is that we will forget these undocumented moments and instead just appreciate the memories of the time we were able to spend together. We will capture the best of these memories on film and send them home, or post them on Instagram. With a filter, of course.

So many photos – what do I do now?

With the Postcard App, you can transform the best photos on your mobile phone into a postcard and send them home while still enjoying your vacation. The best part: One postcard per day is completely free!

If you want to keep a vacation diary, I recommend Day One. Just upload one or more photos every day and add your text and tags. The app is also great for making notes for a future photo book or album.

You can order such photo books from companies such as Colorfotoservice, which also offers a convenient design service that selects your photos and creates your book for you.

By the way, when it comes to the best camera equipment for vacation photos, Any Working Dad is the man in the know. You can also click here to find out why travelling with toddler is actually well worth the stress.

And if any of you wants to send me a postcard from your latest travels, I would love to hear from you! Please contact me for my address. I’d love to share the postcards I receive on Facebook.


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