Packing: 8 Essentials for Family Vacations

Packing: 8 Essentials for Travelling with Toddlers

There are a few essentials I that I always take when I travel with children (or solo) – because sooner or later, we are going to need them.

#1 Tupperware

Cold pasta is a snack my children never turn down (yes, poor kids, their horrible mom not only feeds them gluten but also leaves it COLD). Empty Tupperware (Tupperwares?) are also ideal for squirreling away goodies from the breakfast buffet – fruit or snacks to take on an outing. Or to the beach. Where they can be enjoyed with sand:

Fusilli alla sabbia #kidsfood

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#2 String & duct tape

There’s always something that needs to be tied up somewhere. Or patched up. The ideal solution for every problem: duct tape (a.k.a. gaffer tape, Duck tape…).

8 Essentials for Travelling with Kids by
So simple. So handy.

#3 Sugru – the all-around fix-it solution

Sugru feels just like modeling clay and can be molded to suit any purpose. Leave it to dry overnight and everything will be fixed, or maybe even better than before. It remains flexible and has feels like rubber. Great stuff:

#4 Resealable plastic bags

For snacks or stray Lego bricks, seashells, etc. High-quality versions can also be used as waterproof cell phone covers at the beach or kiddie pool.

#5 A Swiss Army knife

Need I say more?8 Essentials für Reisen mit Kindern - was muss immer mit

#6 Clothespins

A security blanket, a wet stuffed toy – something always has to be hung up somewhere, and usually a.s.a.p. (see also: string).

8 Essentials for Travelling with Kids by
Just hanging around

Plastic bags + pins + string = a great iPad holder for the car, by the way.

#7 Hand wash detergent for laundry

If you don’t have any, shampoo also does the trick.

8 Essentials for Travelling with Kids by
Hand laundry detergent, probably bought in South America

#8 Packing cubes!

There’s not much more to say, except that I am a HUGE fan of packing cubes! You can buy them directly from our concept store or from other travel accessory shops.

I love you.

Packing is an art and a science and mostly comes down to good preparation. And we’ve got lots of tips on how to do it! See Family Packing List, Why Winter Vacation Makes Us Sweat – Packing List Included and Packing for the Entire Family – Top 5 Tips for starters. And check out these beach hacks, too.

What are your essentials? Thanks for sharing your tips in the comments below!

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