Family Photos – Which camera do I need?

If you’re a regular reader of Any Working Mom, you’ll already know that we consider attractive photos to be pretty important. Although we both have a passion for photography, Any Working Dad’s right index finger is practically glued to the shutter release. In fact, you virtually never see him without one of his many cameras and when we go on holiday, we need at least half a suitcase for his equipment alone.

The best photo equipment tips from Any Working Dad

This is precisely why I asked him to provide you with a list of the individual benefits and areas of use of different cameras – and he was happy to oblige. Thank you, my love. You can sleep with me tonight.

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
This is Any Working Dad. He likes cameras, but only when he’s behind them.

Not every camera is suitable for every situation. Sometimes it’s too dark, sometimes too wobbly and sometimes too wet, plus it’s often the case that you simply don’t have enough space. Here are AWD’s top five models (plus a bonus recommendation for all true camera nerds):

#1 The jack-of-all-trades: Sony RXiv 100

A small and compact companion for your family vacation. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to have to drag along an SLR but still wants to take good pictures. An all-in-one solution that will also fit into your carry-on (or even your coat pocket).

AWD rating:

+ Compact and with a video function with good stabilization (4K recordings also possible)

– Price

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Yep, it really is small.
A vacation in the Maldives with toddlers - not only possible, but also wonderfully relaxing. A first-hand report by with tips on flights, packing and travel
Image taken with the Sony RX 100; a photo from the article The Maldives with Toddlers.


#2 The fast lens: Nikon DF

The first thing you’ll notice about the Nikon DF is its stunning retro design. This digital SLR mostly requires manual operation, meaning that you need to have some basic knowledge of apertures and shutter speeds. The camera takes truly beautiful photos with strong depth of field, even in dim light, but it is not suitable for quick snapshots.

AWD rating:

+ A light monster, extremely fast, with a long-lasting battery and an attractive appearance

– Heavy and large, price, no video function

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
The Nikon DF with a vintage design but a modern digital display.
Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Targeted sharpness and soft edges with the Nikon DF

#3 The indestructible one: Fuji FinePix XP90

If you have young kids, this is the ideal camera for you. It is waterproof and shockproof and can therefore be taken anywhere – to the playground, the pool or even the beach. You can also let your children get their hands on it without having to worry – unless, that is, they want to find out what that button with the garbage can does… A great camera for snapshots in all circumstances

AWD rating:

+ Good for snapshots; sand, saltwater and shock-resistant; suitable for kids

– Not ideal in the case of poor light

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Takes sharp photos, even underwater

#4 The hipster: Fuji X100s

If you want to make up for any mojo you may have lost due to having to carry around a baby changing bag or thanks to your muffin top simply hang the Fuji X100s around your neck. This camera not only provides its owners with an instant cool-cat factor but also takes truly stunning photos. These photos are, however, all pretty similar given that the camera only has a fixed objective and no zoom. But none of this matters once you see just how razor-sharp they are.

AWD rating:

+ Compact, high-quality images, long-lasting battery, fast lens

– Fixed objective, unimpressive video function

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
I’m too sexy for my tripod, too sexy for my tripod…
Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Time exposure with the Fuji X1000s in Honolulu (Hawaii with Kids).

#5 The attention-grabber: Go Pro Session

The Go Pro Session, which is literally no bigger than the tiny little fist of a two-year-old, is the ideal companion wherever you may go. It is just as indestructible as the Fuji FinePix but also boasts another benefit: its size enables it to enter new realms that other cameras simply can’t reach. Attachable mounts (or simply a little bit of duct tape) can be used to fix the Go Pro to surfboards, ski helmets and car roofs – or, indeed, giant turtles – thus enabling you to view things from completely different perspectives.

AWD rating: 

+ size, indestructible, can be taken anywhere, mounting options,surprising perspectives

– Menu navigation and operation, weak battery, , no image stabilization

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Do not swallow, choking hazard: the Go Pro Session

A bonus for nerds: DJI Phantom 4

You definitely have a real passion for photography if you’re prepared to lug a drone halfway around the world in your backpack. If you do so, however, you’re sure to be rewarded with images like nothing you’ve ever seen before (unless you go on expensive helicopter flights). If you like remote-controlled toys, don’t mind spending a lot of money to get one and have no problem dealing with a few dirty looks, you should treat yourself to a drone.

AWD rating: 

+ Spectacular photos, aerial perspective and loads of fun

– No sound, strictly regulated in Switzerland (not permitted to fly in all locations), attracts attention

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
Fly, drone, fly! But stay away from private land or flight zones…

Have fun taking your photos – and please feel free to share your comments, own experiences and any questions you may have!

Camera Tips for Stunning Family Photos from
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