Family Packing List

Packing is …

… anticipation … applied logic … and above all: pure stress!

Die komplette Packliste für Ferien mit Baby und Kleinkind inklusive Reiseapotheke und - Equipment von
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This is especially true if two children are climbing your legs, unpacking whatever you’ve managed to pack and slathering your suitcase with shampoo.

As I’ve already established in this blog, the actual act of packing represents only 20% of the overall challenge of packing – the rest is mainly thinking (link in German) and solid preparation.

The mother of all packing lists

I’ve tried to create it for you so you don’t have to: the ultimate packing list for families with babies or toddlers. It’s been tried, tested and revised – but, of course, you have to adapt it for your own family. So, *drumroll please*, here it is, a downloadable PDF especially for you: Ultimate Summer Vacation Packing List.

Ultimate family summer vacation packing list -
Now Dad can pack next time. (Pictured: page 1 of 4)

There’s also a winter vacation packing list.

Last but not least, here are three more tips:

  1. You can never, NEVER have enough pacifiers. Never. Pack another one!
  2. If you want to go backpacking, you should read this post by Bärtimussmit (in German) first.
  3. If you need to pack soon and are thinking “oh c’mon, piece of cake” – you should definitely read this post by😜.
THE packing list for vacations with babies and toddlers, including medicines and first aid items, by
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