20 #AlternativeFacts on Parenthood

Listen up, parents. Incorrect information has been making the rounds for far too long and there’s some things we need to clear up right now. What you can read here are the facts and they are great, proven and true. Period.

alternativefacts about parenting
What is being reported about parenting is simply just not true. Period.

20 alternative facts on parenthood*:

#1 The best thing about breastfeeding is staying off alcohol.

#2 When giving birth, just think of your last vacation and all the pain will go away!

#3 A child can save a relationship.

#4 If you serve your children vegetables right from the start, they’ll keep on eating them as they get older.

#5 Well-brought-up children never whine.

#6 A good slap is the best way to deal with a tantrum.

#7 Chilled-out parents have chilled-out kids.

#8 Three weeks after giving birth, moms look just like they did before they got pregnant, or like Gisele Bündchen.

#9 The same applies to dads (other than looking like Gisele Bündchen).

#10 Organizing birthday parties is a career goal. Oh who am I kidding? It’s a LIFE MISSION!!

You can find #11 – 20 here: at EinfachDreifach!

*#Alternative Facts – the background:

After Donald Trump was inaugurated as President on January 20th 2017, countless media outlets compared the turnout at the event with that of Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years earlier, using images such as the following as evidence:

Bild: (c) National Post.
Image: (c) National Post

Two days later, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer vehemently dismissed the published estimates and the self-explanatory photos and insisted that the turnout at Trump’s inauguration was the biggest ever. According to Spicer:

“ This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe.”

In the NBC TV program “Meet the Press”, the host Chuck Todd referred to this clearly incorrect statement from the White House in his interview with Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign strategist and counsellor. He asked her whether she believed that such false claims would result in a loss of credibility for the White House and she responded by stating that the Press Secretary had simply presented “alternative facts”.

Yeah right.

This article was written in cooperation with Florina Schwander from EinfachDreifach.

Bio-Bild Florina Schwander - www.anyworkingmom.comA whole lot of stress but three sources of happiness, or indeed vice versa, is the ideal way to describe the family life of Florina Schwander. The 36-year-old lives at the heart of Zurich together with her 2.5-year-old daughter, aka the Duchess, and her 9-month-old twin boys, Monsieurs a and b. In this blog, the self-proclaimed “Pragmatic Mom” shares her tips for a family life that is as practical as possible and provides plenty of mombie humor along the way.

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